Here you can see the SCA-Names and statuses of all who already made their reservation and want their name published here.
Preliminary Status means you have reserved for the event and confirmed status means that you paied and got a mail from our reservation steward with your confirmation, so your reservation is final. Please keep in mind that only Paid Reservations are confirmed reservations! We have very limited space!

Deadline for Payment is 2nd September 2019. If you haven’t payed until that date, we sadly have to cancel your reservation to make room for somebody from the waiting list.

Last updated: 20. September

Baronin Catalina de Zaragoza Confirmed
Baron Wolf von Cleve Confirmed
Alienor of Farryngdon Confirmed
Anke die Baerenfaengerin Confirmed
Anna Gifford Confirmed
Barbara von Krempe Confirmed
Benjamin von Papenburg Confirmed
Bridget GreyWolf Confirmed
Bryndís Hrothgarsdóttir Confirmed
Carissma vom Berg Confirmed
Celestria de Cerdren Confirmed
Dominic Beniamin Confirmed
Eila Joarsdotter Confirmed
Erik Dalekarl Preliminary
Frakki Smidjudrumbr Confirmed
Gerhardt von Wustenburg Confirmed
Giano Balestriere Confirmed
Gunnhild von Brunswiek Confirmed
Isabetta del Verde Confirmed
Johanna von Steinwedel Confirmed
Jora Confirmed
Katharina von Hohenlind Confirmed
Katherina Mornewegh Confirmed
Lars Thorgrimsson Confirmed
Leofric von der Ertheneburg Confirmed
Marcus von Stormarn Confirmed
Margareta Arvidsdotter Confirmed
Morales Galen Confirmed
Nina von Knight’s Crossing Confirmed
Perdita von Bremen Confirmed
Richart von Brandenburg Confirmed
Ronja Ragnirsdottir von Rungholt Confirmed
Ronja +1 Confirmed
Ronja +1 Confirmed
Ronja +1 Confirmed
Swanhilde von Baerenau Confirmed
Taleke Mornewegh Confirmed
Tece de Kaxtone Preliminary
Torben von Knight’s Crossing Confirmed
Ulfur Gamlason Confirmed
Volker Eisvogel zu Nortorf Confirmed
William Gifford Confirmed
William of Richwood Confirmed