Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Let all princes, lords, barons, knights and squires of the marches of Knights Crossing, Nordmark, Insulae Draconis, Aarnimetsä and all others of whatever marches that are in this kingdom and all other kingdoms in the known world, who are not banished or enemies of the King our lord, long may He reign, know that on the second day of November in the hamlet of Klein Groenau in the Canton of Aventiure in the Barony of Knights Crossing there will be held a very noble tourney in remembrance of the great battle that took place on the feast of Saint Crispin between the Kings of England and France in the time of our ancestors;

Of which tourney the captains are His Excellency Freiherr Richart von Brandenburg appellant and Lord William Gifford defendant;

Moreover, I announce to all of you princes, lords, barons, knights and squires who intend to participate in the tourney that you must come to the inns at dusk the day before the tourney and that you shall stay awake throughout the night together with your comrades in arms, educating each other about the principles of knighthood and the virtues of chivalry.

Item, that you shall present yourself with proper armour and weaponry at dawn, when the tourney shall commence;

All participants shall know that the tourney will be fought in the following manner:

Once the tourney has started, it will continue until there is only one participant remaining able and willing to continue in the tourney and that this noble shall be named the winner of the day.

Participants are encouraged to fight with greatswords, glaives, halberds, axes or any other two-handed weapon. Shields may only be used with the captains’ approval and only if they are the only way for a combatant to participate.

Only killing blows according to SCA rules, i.e. strikes to the head or body, shall be counted during the tourney.

Once a participant has received three acceptable blows he shall leave the list for 3 minutes to gather his spirits. If he fails to enter the list again after the 3 minutes he shall be considered defeated.